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Mariana and Kristin

October 2023

Meet Mariana and Kristin: A Big Brothers Big Sisters Match That's Thriving!

Mariana and Kristin have been matched for five years with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan, and their relationship has flourished thanks to open communication and willingness from everyone involved. Kristin is an amazing Big, and Lucia, Mariana’s mother, speaks highly of Kristin and her involvement in her daughter’s life.

“Kristin is very consistent and patient with us,” Lucia says. “She cares so much for Mariana and my family. We are so grateful for her.”

One of the best parts of this match is the experiences they have been through. When Mariana and Kristin were first introduced, Kristin was a big Taylor Swift fan, and Mariana was not. In 2018, Taylor Swift came to Detroit, Michigan, for her Reputation Tour. Kristin was able to get tickets for her and Mariana. Five years later, Taylor Swift is back in town for her Eras Tour, and the match went again! Kristin was able to introduce Mariana to an artist she can attach an incredible memory with. The match continues to have fun experiences, laughter, and unwavering support for one another.

These past five years have gone by so fast according to both Mariana and Kristin! We hope to see this incredible match continue to thrive in the coming years!

Congratulations, Mariana and Kristin, on your five-year anniversary! Your match is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for being a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan family.

Celebrating our Matches—the inspiring Bigs and Littles of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan.

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