BBBS Southeast MI Sends a Big Shout Out to the Detroit Lions!

September 2023

Through the very generous donation or game tickets from the Detroit Lions over 134 of our Bigs, Littles, families and friends attended the Lions vs the Jacksonville Jaguars game on August 19th! We received many thank you messages!

Two messages included: “Special thanks to the donor that blessed us with this opportunity!” and “Thank you so much for this opportunity.” In addition, one Big (Daeho Kim from Washtenaw County) even called the day-of to say thank you and share that he and his Little (Kionte) were on their way and super excited. Specifically, one of our Littles– Little Anthony and his Big-Big Josh attended the game on Aug 19th.

Little Anthony and Big Josh have been matched since July 2022, and in that short time, they have already formed a strong bond. Together, Anthony and Josh attended the Lions game on August 19th, and attended the Lions training camp. Due to a heart condition and asthma, it’s difficult for Anthony to actively participate in sports, but he loves watching the Lions! Both events were the first experiences for Little Anthony to see the Lions in person!

Anthony is shy but since having a Big, he has become more open. During our CHEMpreneurIST workshop event this past weekend, Anthony was able to describe his arcade game to the facilitators, which is a huge step for him! Besides those activities, Anthony and Josh have enjoyed getting breakfast together, shopping, playing video games, going to the movies,  and attending the Detroit Zoo educational tour event last December.

In addition to providing Anthony with fun and enriching activities, Josh has also served as an important male role model in his life. Prior to Josh, Anthony did not have a consistent male role model to lean on for guidance and advice. Josh is a positive and supportive figure in Anthony’s life, and he is helping him to develop into a confident and well-rounded young man.

Anthony is currently in high school, and having a mentor like Josh to support him during these upcoming years will be even more essential to help him achieve his full potential. Josh is committed to helping Anthony succeed, and he is confident that Anthony will do great things in life.