Funder Gratitude: Fueling Mentorship Efforts and Community Programs

June 2024

Thank you for your generous support and for helping empower our programs and activities!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan, BBBSSEM, is grateful for local foundations and corporate partners who generously donated in the second quarter.

These grants drive impactful community initiatives and push our mission forward through popular events like a Mother’s Day match activity at our Ypsilanti office (pictured above).

Grants from the Speckhard Knight Foundation and the Kiwanis Foundation of Ann Arbor have particularly bolstered our school-based mentoring programs in Ypsilanti Community Schools. These contributions not only enhance educational support but also enable cultural awareness outings during Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month, deepening participant understanding.

The Detroit Industrial School’s grant supports engaging group events for our Bigs and Littles, fostering bonds and growth. Additionally, partnerships with the Starbucks Foundation, Ally Financial, and Old National Bank extend our Workplace Mentoring at Pershing High School, crucially guiding students towards future careers.

“Our donors’ commitment has been pivotal, organizing special events like our recent Mother’s Day match activities,” said Jennifer Spitler, president and CEO at BBBSSEM, expressing gratitude on behalf of BBBSSEM. “These moments create lasting memories and meaningful relationships.”

Looking forward, donor support remains integral to our mission of empowering youth through mentorship, reinforcing our community’s dedication to nurturing future leaders and fostering belonging. We extend heartfelt thanks to all our donors for their steadfast belief in every child’s potential.

Find out more information here on how you can be involve too.

There are many ways to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan, including:

Give a Little Time.

Volunteer or mentor with BBBS.

  • Change a life: Be a positive role model and friend to a young person in need.
  • Flexible options: Choose a mentoring program that fits your schedule (in-person or school-based).
  • Lasting impact: Create a meaningful friendship that empowers a child to reach their full potential.

Be Big.

Support the BBBS mission.

  • Donate: Every contribution helps BBBS continue its vital work.
  • Become a Match Maker: Support the program with a recurring monthly donation.
  • Spread the word: Share our mission and encourage others to get involved.

Share a Little Moment.

Share your story.