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Miss Rachel’s Encore…

December 2023

Staying for the Greatest Show on Earth (A 5th-Grade Play!) How One "Yes" Made a Big Difference.

“Ms. Rachel, will you stay to watch us?!”

Who says workdays can’t be filled with magic? Our amazing Site-Based Coordinator, Rachel, couldn’t resist staying a little longer after her usual duties when some of our adorable Littles, including Kendrick & Brooklyn, asked her to watch their 5th-grade play!

This kind of heart-warming moment is what makes the BBBS community so special. It’s a reminder that even the smallest acts of kindness and support can make a huge difference. Thank you, Rachel, for being such a shining example of dedication and what being there means for our Littles. Visit to learn about our Site-Based program!

At BBBS of Southeast Michigan, we celebrate the LITTLE moments make a BIG impact.

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