Future Lunch Buddies – Kendrick & Terry!

December 2023

High five for high jinks and growing minds! Meet Kendrick and Terry, a Lunch Buddies duo at Estabrook Elementary who've been cracking code (and pickles) for 14 months straight!

Terry, a seasoned Big Brother with big dreams, and Kendrick, a Little Brother with even bigger goals, have been teaming up for weekly adventures. Gone are the days of lunch-alone blues – now it’s science experiments, soccer showdowns (where Kendrick’s aiming for Terry’s goalie glove!), and pickleball lessons (thanks to Kendrick, Terry’s a master now!). ⚽️

These brainiacs don’t just share fries, they share smarts, inspiring Kendrick’s dream of a middle school Lunch Buddies program. Talk about teamwork! You too can be a hero like Terry and ignite a kid’s spark. ✨

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