Meet a Match: Leo & Terrance!

December 2023

Terrance proves it....It Takes Little To Be Big!

BBBSSEM’s BIG Impact! Linda (BBBSSEM Match Support Specialist) asked Mom, Nakiah, “What changes have you seen in Little Leo since he has been matched with Big Terrance?” She replied, “Little Leo has become so much more responsible, mature, and so well behaved. I honestly credit Big Terrance and the BBBS program with the changes in Little Leo this year.” Prior to being matched, Little Leo was struggling behaviorally and academically. Since being matched he has completely changed, for the better, according to his mom! Little Leo was named “Student of the Month” in October and Mom Nakiah receives “daily positive emails from teachers talking about how fantastic Little Leo is in the classroom!”

Big Brother Terrance is making a huge impact!

You can make a BIG Impact too by volunteering as a Big and/or at events! 

Celebrating our Matches—the inspiring Bigs and Littles of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan.

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