Big Smiles and Big Fun: Aaliyah and Rebecca’s Story

March 2024

Aaliyah and Rebecca are a shining example of the genuine connection and lasting friendships Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast can create through mentorship.

Nearly a year into their match, Aaliyah couldn’t contain her enthusiasm for her Big Sister, Rebecca. With a big smile, she declared, “She’s the BEST BIG EVER.”

Rebecca’s feelings mirrored Aaliyah’s. “I am so happy to have been matched with Aaliyah,” she shared. Rebecca finds Aaliyah’s personality infectious, describing her as “a curious, fun girl who is always willing to try something new.”

Their time together is filled with exciting adventures and shared passions. Rebecca recounts, “Together we’ve gone on picnics, went swimming in lakes, participated in crafting events, learned how to watercolor paint and tons of other fun activities.”

Rebecca cherishes the opportunity to introduce Aaliyah to new experiences. “I love being able to take her places and see her experience some things for the first time,” she says. Aaliyah’s open-mindedness is a highlight for Rebecca. “She is always willing to try something once and uses that experience to form her own opinions,” Rebecca continues.

Their shared love of swimming and art creates a natural bond. “We like to do a lot of the same things,” Rebecca explains, “so we can really bond and always have a lot of fun together.”

Both Aaliyah and Rebecca eagerly anticipate their time together. Rebecca says, “I look forward to seeing Aaliyah every time we hang out and I know she does too!” Their outings have even included “craft nights and even Greenfield Village!” according to Rebecca.

This pair is a testament to the program’s ability to foster meaningful connections. As the story concludes, the sentiment is clear: This is one of those matches that will continue to grow and thrive for years to come!

Celebrating our Matches—the inspiring Bigs and Littles of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan.

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