Ambassador Board Career Exploration Fair!

November 2023

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan’s (BBBSSEM) Ambassador Board on November 15th facilitated a Career Pathways Fair at the Durfee Innovation Society auditorium for Littles, Bigs and families!

The event’s focus was on igniting the youth’s career spark.  15 Little’s learned about a diverse arena of career paths from career professionals. A wide array of career fields were represented including engineering, accounting, insurance, nonprofit, medicine, automotive, sales, sports education, and therapy.

Represented industries, businesses and organizations included General Motors, Michigan Medicine, Wayne State University, Dearborn Insurance, Detroit Lions Foundation, Black Family Development Association, Ally Financial,

The career professionals started the event by being placed at tables with the Littles and their Bigs with job shadowing questions for the career professionals. Each career professional also gave an “elevator speech” about their current career including education, training, and experiences. The event concluded with each Little moving from table to table asking individual questions from the career professionals.

The Ambassador Board at BBBSSEM was very excited to be able to bring this career centric event to the Littles and help plant seeds about careers.