Meet a New Match! Littles Kayla & Chloe and Big Sharese!

December 2023

Meet some of our Lunch Buddies from Detroit Edison Public School Academy!

Big Sharese, Little Kayla, and Little Chloe are one of our new matches at Detroit Edison Public School Academy (DEPSA) that meet once every two weeks for lunch buddies.  They have been matched together for a month and the three of them immediately hit it off.  At DEPSA many of our matches are 2-1 which has allowed us to involve more students, and this trio is a shining example.  The first goals they have set together are about being on their best behavior while in school so they can have a successful year.  Little Kayla and Little Chloe both describe themselves as a little shy when it comes to meeting new people, but you would never know it when you see them talking to Sharese.  The group loves to play Uno together and have discussions around ‘hot topics’.  Big Sharese, Little Chloe and Little Kayla all have big smiles on their faces when they see each other and you can sense the trust and mutual respect that is building amongst them as they all open up to each other.

At BBBSSEM we are always looking to recruit more BIGS and have over 180 Ready to be Matched Littles on our current waitlist. To learn more about becoming a Big click here.

Celebrating our Matches—the inspiring Bigs and Littles of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan.

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