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JJ & Dave | Kaden & Brendan

March 2023

Our March Match of the Month is double the fun! Meet twins JJ and Kaden and their Bigs Dave and Brendan.​

Not only are these Littles brothers, they were also matched with their Bigs one year ago this month-and what great matches they are! The boys’ mom says that, while they are twins, they are very different, yet each was matched with a Big that suits them perfectly! JJ and Dave are both energetic extroverts and love the outdoors and going to the trampoline park, while Kaden and Brendan are more laid back, quieter people and all about games and visiting the botanical gardens. Congrats to both matches!


The potential of both JJ and Kaden was ignited quickly after being matched. JJ and Dave jumped right in by getting outside and moving, and Dave says going for bike rides and eating cheeseburgers is now their “signature thing”. Having someone he can be his active and exuberant self with has had a hugely positive impact on JJ, and he loves that Dave is always up for doing something fun. Kaden and Brendan are also big fans of cheeseburgers and going outside, but their favorite thing to do together is play games of all kinds. Kaden loves how good at gaming Brendan is and says he’s learned so much from him! ​


Both Bigs empower their Littles by always listening to their opinions, but as with many great matches, these Littles have also empowered their Bigs! Dave says that while he is normally a careful planner, JJ has taught him that things don’t always go as planned and that having flexibility and an open mind is often just as important as having a plan is. Kaden’s go with the flow attitude has also taught Brendan how to loosen up and let things unfold naturally. The openness of these Littles and the willingness of the Bigs to join them teaches everyone patience and empowers them to enjoy life more! ​


Dave and Brendan defend JJ and Kaden’s potential by opening up their senses of curiosity about the world around them and the people in it. Dave specifically noted to us that JJ has been asking a lot more questions recently about how things work, while Kaden has begun expressing far more interest in getting to know Brendan as a person and learning more about what makes them different from each other. Embracing differences and wanting to learn all about new things will help both Littles continue to grow in knowledge and confidence throughout their entire lives. Congrats again to both matches!​

Celebrating our Matches—the inspiring Bigs and Littles of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan.

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