Demeshia and Amy

September 2023

Congratulations to the very first Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan Match of the Month, Demeshia and Amy! This duo has been matched for over 5 years and have developed a deep bond during that time.

They love spending time together going to Red Robin, their favorite restaurant, going on special outings to Greenfield Village, and taking their annual trip to Toledo to see the Mudhens play. Amy and Demeshia also love to take advantage of the many fun events planned/hosted by BBBS and have attended the Annual Picnic, Zombie Zap, and a Detroit Tigers Game together and always have a great time! Congrats again to this fun and fabulous match-we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both! 


One of the special outings this match went on this past year was a trip to see a live action production of The Lion King. While it was an enjoyable experience for both of them for several reasons, it also turned out to be a moment when Demeshia’s potential was ignited by her Amy. She so loved seeing the costumes and makeup that she has since decided she would love to pursue a career in fashion or costume design after she finishes school. This simple act of sharing a new experience with her Big now has the potential to shape the course of this Little’s future by igniting her creative passions and building up her confidence in her ability to follow her dreams! 


Amy also empowers Demeshia’s potential by always giving her the space to voice her opinions and make decisions about what sort of outings they will go on. By allowing her to speak freely and make choices, this Big is teaching her Little that she has power and control in her own life, which will help her discover and grow in her confidence and self efficacy. Experiencing small moments of empowerment now will go a long way in ensuring that Demeshia feels strong and centered enough in herself to make good choices as an adult, which is just one way these Little Match moments can help create BIG futures! Thank you, Amy, for empowering Demeshia and helping shape her future!


The best Bigs in our program are always there to defend their Little’s potential, and Amy is no exception! She is not only happy to bring new experiences into Demeshia’s life, she is also always ready and willing to listen to her and give her emotional support whenever needed. Having this kind of support in their lives goes such a long way in helping young people feel self assured and capable as individuals, which leads to better outcomes throughout childhood and beyond. Stable, consistent support from a trusted adult is vitally important in fostering healthy growth in kids, and this Big is definitely helping to fulfill that need for her Little! Demeshia told us that she knows she can always count on her Big sister to be there whenever she needs help and says she is simply the best! We have loved watching this match’s connection flourish and grow over the years and are so happy to have them in the BBBS Village. Congratulations again, Demeshia and Amy!

Celebrating our Matches—the inspiring Bigs and Littles of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan.

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