Vision Boards Ignite Dreams for Big Brothers Big Sisters Littles and Bigs!

February 2024

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan (BBBSSEM) Littles and Bigs envisioned a bright future at a recent inspiring Vision Board and Goal Setting night hosted by the organization's passionate Ambassador Board, a group of young professionals passionate about helping BBBSSEM achieve its mission and vision.

This unique event, held simultaneously in Ypsilanti and Detroit offices, brought Littles and Bigs together to create vision boards reflecting their hopes and dreams for 2024 and beyond. From colorful collages to clear goal statements, the boards showcased each participant’s individuality and aspirations.

More than just crafting, the event fostered a supportive environment where Littles confidently shared their dreams with their Bigs, gaining encouragement and guidance. These vision boards ignited a sense of belief and motivation, fueling their journeys towards achieving their goals.

BBBSSEM is committed to seeing these dreams become reality. They’ll continue to support Littles in defending their vision and reaching their full potential throughout the year.

Want to be a part of this inspiring journey? Get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan! Become a Big, donate your time or resources, or simply spread the word. Every contribution empowers Littles to dream BIG!