Thank you to Thrive Fitness and Flex Lex

December 2023

BBBSSEM sends a BIG thanks to Amir & Alexis Rad (owners of THRIVE Fitness and Flex Lex) for supporting and hosting the shopping event on December 7th! This is the second year that they have sponsored and supported this event! 

It was a packed house of over 30 Littles and Bigs and a FUN event. BBBSSEM Little’s were able to shop for and wrap gifts and to interact with other matches as well! New connections and friendships were made, autographs were signed, cookies were decorated, and Little’s were smiling non-stop!  They generously provided $125 gift cards for shopping experiences and pizza while Bigs and Littles and families wrapped gifts! Total donations for the event were over $5,000!

Cornelius Johnson (U of M football player) signed autographs and BBBSSEM Littles and Bigs took pictures with him!  When Cornelius walked in, Little Deandre ran up to staff to say “He’s famous! He’s famous!” Little Deandre asked him for 4 autographs so he could give them to his family members for Christmas! Also in attendance included the following University of Michigan athletes Mason Parris, Myles Amine, Zoe Bormet, Cam Amine, and Will Lewan.

A BIG Thank you to  Amir & Alexis and all of the wonderful student athletes who supported this event and our Littles!