Hook, Line, and Sinker: BBBSSEM and MDHHS Make Waves with Fish Education

May 2024

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Michigan (BBBSSEM) and the MDHHS Environmental Health Division have recently joined forces to offer an array of workshops, giving attendees the opportunity to dive into healthy fish eating practices.

Karen Simpson, the outreach technician from Regions 2S – Metro Detroit, and Zehra Batool from MMDHHS, spearheaded this engaging activity, ensuring BBBSSEM youth and mentors left feeling well-informed!

During several presentations on April 16, Simpson and Batool engaged a group of site-based Bigs and Littles with discussions on healthy fish-eating practices including eating the right kinds of fish and healthily preparing them. They made waves at Estabrook during all three lunch times, covering everything from persistent chemicals to bioaccumulation, all while the Littles munched on their lunches.

Attendees were also treated to MDHHS Eat Safe Fish goodie bags, packed to the gills with stickers, brochures, and even a tape measure. Because who can resist the allure of a goodie bag, right?

So, whether attendees were a seasoned angler or just dipping their toes into the fish pond, BBBSSEM and MDHHS made a splash in the attendees’ education, ensuring everyone left with a boatload of knowledge!