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Exceptional Alumni: Anita’s Fresh Perspective

January 2024

Exceptional Alumni Anita's Big Brothers Big Sisters experience is a story of growth, support, and friendship that transcends distance and time.  Let's rewind to the beginning, where it all started at a cozy home meeting with their BBBS coordinator, two nervous smiles marking the start of a beautiful friendship.

For Anita, being a Big wasn’t just about guidance; it was a personal evolution. “Being a Big has helped me to grow in compassion, patience, and love.” she shares. Walking alongside her Little in Washtenaw County’s landscape, Anita gained a fresh perspective on the joys and challenges of growing up in the 2010s and 2020s. Their bond went beyond words, becoming a window to understanding and connection.

“Mentorship is an opportunity to encourage others, to share our perspectives, to challenge each other, and help each other grow.”

“Mentorship is an opportunity to encourage others,” Anita says, “to share our perspectives, to challenge each other, and help each other grow.” In that spirit, when Anita embarked on the monumental task of defending her PhD dissertation, her Little was right there, cheering her on, even bringing along her niece to double the support! That day, amidst academic triumphs, something even more profound blossomed: the shared joy of achievement, the strength of a bond that transcended the boundaries of textbooks and lecture halls.

Life, however, has a way of weaving its own narrative. With Anita’s move to a new city, their physical proximity faded. But the distance couldn’t dim the warmth of their connection. “Now, I’ve moved to another city,” Anita says optimistically, “I hope that my Little and I can keep in touch and continue encouraging each other via text/phone or whatever other means are available to us!”

Anita and her Little’s story shows it… IT TAKES LITTLE TO BE BIG. Connections made with open hearts and genuine care defy distance and circumstance. It’s a story that reminds us that sometimes, the greatest gifts are not grand gestures, but the quiet, steady presence of someone who believes in you, every step of the way.

At BBBS of Southeast Michigan, we celebrate the LITTLE moments make a BIG impact.

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