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Casey Jackson: 2022 Big of the Year

January 2023

Meet Casey, our 2022 Big Brother of the Year! Casey has been matched with his Little brother, Zaron, since 2018 and during that time they have become as bonded as family.

Zaron’s mom says that Casey has been a huge blessing to Zaron, offering him support and encouragement in everything from school assignments to making healthier lifestyle choices. Casey is always there when Zaron needs him, happy to listen and give advice whenever needed, and frequently encourages him to try new things like camping, which has become one of their favorite shared activities. ​

In addition to consistently providing Zaron with support, Casey also gives him plenty of space to make his own choices and voice his thoughts and opinions. This sharing of power has helped increase Zaron’s confidence in himself and his ability to make good choices, which is a vitally important part of any mentoring relationship. Casey is dedicated to the BBBS mission as well,  frequently bringing Zaron to our events and outings and offering his assistance to our program whenever he can. These are just a few examples of why Casey is our latest Big Brother of the Year. Congratulations, Casey, and thank you for being a part of our village! ​

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